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Use this page as a reference for the basic steps you need to take on a daily basis.

In order to get the most out of your daily efforts, do these things in the order listed below.


Before You Start Today’s Assignment…

Study This Formula…

Because It has Worked 100% Of The Time So Far In Empower Network!


  • BE “All In” Financially, Mentally & Spiritually ASAP (stretch)
  • FOLLOW Empowers 8 Core Commitments (Our Daily Assignment Below makes that EZ )
  • HELP 2 People per day Get Started In Empower Network At the $25 Blog level…
  • INVITE your personal team to the next Live Event (Chicago April 19-21)…
  • PLUG IN to the team & plug your personal team into this training!
  • RINSE & REPEAT the steps above daily!

Believe that YOU Can follow this formula!


1. Daily Marketing – You should always do some form of marketing as your first activity.

All the Leaders teach us that Your main focus is to get 2 sales a day. If you areconsistently getting 20-30 leads a day, 2 sales a day is easy.


daily action plan

Or, talk about something your are reading, something you learned from an inner circle audio

Don’t have time to Blog? Get your blogging done for you….

Buy pre-written articles here… MLM PLR Store or use Article Builder

3. Email your blog post to your lists

Need instructions?

Create a Broadcast message to your list using your autoresponder, either Aweber or GVO.


4. Syndicate your new blog post: Share your post on all your networks.

  1. Pingler
  2. Social Monkee
  3. linkedin
  4. Facebook wall  (use one of the workarounds listed above)
  5. Collaborate with others to get comments, likes, and sharing
    Post your blog in this group on facebook, then Like, comment, and share 3 other peoples posts in the group and others will do the same for your blogs
  6. Twitter
  7. Google +
  8. Pinterest
  9. Share using the ‘Add to Any‘ Button

Advanced (optional, not necessary to make money, just a little extra juice for your post!)

5. Share your new blog post on facebook using one of the work around methods listed below

First Use this Link cloaker for facebookSocialmediabar.com or if you are a member of simple2advertise, use this one simple2url.com

Facebook Work-A-Rounds – Choose any 1 of the 6 work-a-rounds below to get your content shared on Facebook

a.) NEW WORKAROUND -Use one of these tools for cloaking your Empower Network urls

Click here for Social Media Bar

 Click here for simple2url

b.) Copy/Paste your content from your Empower Network blog into another blog.daily action plan


If you don’t already have your own personal blog then go create a free WordPress.com,Squidoo.com or Blogger.com blog and use it to copy/paste your EN blog content on it so you can share it with Facebook without any extra work. :)


6. Add 5 friends to your Facebook Profile, LinkedIn Connections, Twitter Following, Google Plus Circles, and Join More groups related to your hobbies and knowledge…

Remember! Only post -on topic- posts in these niche groups. Do Not post random info, that will get you kicked out or marked as a spamer. If you provide true value to these groups you will get good quality traffic.

Joining more groups that are in your niche will give you more places to post your knowledge specific blog posts. Interacting and providing value is a great way to generate more leads from people outside the marketing niche that are interested in earning extra money.

7. Post at least 3 status updates today outside just your blog post!

You can use your own stuff or other peoples valuable stuff!

  • Pictures
  • Articles
  • Videos
  • Quotes
  • resources

8. Chat with 10 people today…

A simple: Hey how are you today? is a good start…

If you are part of my team, you can find Chat Scripts On the EN Prosperity Team training site. Get with me for the login info if I haven’t already given it to you.

Get this facebook training if you want to be GREAT at facebook  CLICK HERE

If you’re a member of prosperity team, use the craigslist, Backlink Strategy, andfacebook training Lead Magnets to give them value. See this post on using lead magnets….


9. Listen to an Empower Network audio training.

Do this while exercising, driving, house cleaning, or during any other activity where you normally listen to the radio. These trainings will not only train you how to be successful in your business, but also get you in the right mindset for success.

Also, listen to

 EN Prosperity Team Weekly Call

LIVE Thursday nights at 8pm EST 1-599-546-1880 pin 386725#

Last week’s Call recording 1-559-546-1889 pin 386725#

Download Weekly calls here Call Archive


10. Read your personal manifesto.

I do this 2 times a day. Right when I get up in the morning and before I go to bed.

Justin Verringia, has been an absolute wonderful mentor for me. He created an awesome ‘manifesto’ that I have been using to help me focus on my personal goals. Go to his site, watch the video to learn how he generated $30,000 last month, and download his manifesto to help you reach your goals. Click Here

Knowing your Major Definite Purpose and the Power of Auto Suggestion….

Before started reading my Major Definite Purpose each day it seemed I was stuck at point in my business that I couldn’t break through.

When I began listening to Justin’s Manifesto and reading my Major Definite Purpose everyday, things stated to turn around for me. I was able to find my focus, make progress faster, and I started to see serious results compared to what I had been getting.

It is the most powerful thing you can program your mind to think about!

Start reading it each day and night and you will achieve your goals faster than you ever thought was possible…

You can download the Template here - Major definite purpose template


11. Read for 30 minutes.

Squeeze this in multiple times through out your day. During lunch, potty breaks, before you go to bed, while you are having your morning coffee. You can easily do this if you break it up throughout your day.

Many people ask “What do I blog about?”If you read for 30 minutes every day and listen to a value packed audio everyday… you WILL ALWAYS have top notch valueto share on your blog. That’s why it’s part of your 8 core commitments in your Fast Start training.

Here’s some of the best books I’ve read or been reading this year…

You already know how to be great
by Alan Fine

Think and Grow Rich
by Napolean Hill

The Power of the Subconscious Mind
by Dr. Joseph Murphy

You Were Born Rich
by Bob Proctor

Writing Your Mind Alive
by Linda Trichter Metcalf, and Tobin Simon

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