Top Marketing Tools

These tools will help you to fully automate your online business.

1. Blog – You ┬áneed some sort of platform to give value to people and build up your customers. The best way is a blog, To get one that’s already setup to make money for you, CLICK HERE.

2. Auto Responder – Either Aweber, or GVO. You can earn a descent income using GVO.

3. Article Builder – If you don’t like to write content, this program will create quality unique content at the push of a button.

4. The Best Spinner – Choose how much or little you want to change your article, make almost an infinate ┬ánumber of variations of one article

5. SocialADR – For getting social backlinks on auto pilot month after month as other people share your content.

6. Unique Article Wizard – For submitting to several article directories on auto pilot for even more consistant back links.

7. Pingler – To ping your site to the search engines on auto pilot for ranking.

8. Link wheel and Link Pyramid gigs on with specified keyword anchor text to back link to your blog post.


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