The Financial Abundance Strategy

The Financial Abundance Strategy

Discover Your Wealth Frequency and What Works Best For You

You can achieve financial abundance by tapping your inner resources that you may not know you have. By changing your vibrations and emotional frequencies from the negative to the positive, you are able to stay focused and influence others so that success comes easier and with less effort.

Do you believe there are such things as vibrations or wealth frequencies? These days, getting prosperous or generally achieving
what you want in life seems to involve not just having adequate
resources, determination and skills. Possessing the right brain waves
is also important; perhaps even the most important of all.

What is Wealth Frequency?
Studies suggest that meditating lowers brainwaves to a lower
frequency which is best for relaxing and focusing. This is known as
low alpha. You can also lower your brain waves to achieve Theta
frequency which is best for manifesting or lucid dreaming. However,
for tuning in to wealth frequency, experts recommend raising your
brain waves.

Emotional Frequencies
In his book, Power vs. Force,

David measured the frequencies for
human emotions from 20 to 1,000. Hawkins suggests that at the
lower frequencies, people are solid or heavy while they are light and
glowing in upper frequencies where we get the feelings of peace, love,
acceptance and other positive feelings that allow us to understand
better and see more clearly.

The life you have always dreamed of can be achieved through
proper mindset and actions. If you want to be free from any financial
worries, then achieve a financial abundance strategy. What it is and what it
can do to your life is amazing. So, here are the things you should
consider for your financial abundance strategy.

The Financial Abundance Strategy

financial abundance strategy

1. Learn To Empower Your Mind

Learn to practice a mindset that is full of abundance. With this,
learn that money is only a material thing and should not be the
source of contentment. Of course, who does not need money
right? This abundant mindset is different in such a way that it
should be practiced to balance your life. Do not allow greed to
overcome you. Instead, enjoy your money by saving some up
and giving it away to help out. With that, your motive becomes
so positive and this will eventually align with your goals.

2. Get Knowledge
This does not limit to scholarly level. In fact, many rich people
are less knowledgeable than the poor ones. This knowledge
means adapting what you have learned (from school or personal
experience) and get ways to take advantage of it. This
knowledge will then translate to your ability, where your ability
can give you financial abundance. Living a life that you are
passionate about counts to a life of abundance. With this, you
can make money out of it eventually.

3. The Art of Generosity
When you want something in your life, help other people reach
their dreams as well. There have been many sayings about
generosity and one that is true is that we receive back what we
give. This does not mean that generosity implies to donating
money. Yes, it can be done but all does not count in money
alone right? So for you to achieve a comfortable life that is full
of abundance, create a positive environment to get what you
want. Now this vindicates the old saying, it is better to give than
to receive.

4. The Way of Investing
Do not hold on too much of your money. In fact, saving it does not
necessarily mean you are creating an abundant life. Yes, saving to
cover emergencies and unexpected expenses is important but it
should not be a way to ease your financial burden. What you need to
do is to invest. Invest in something that will give you significant profit
in a specific length of time. With that, there is a strong chance where
you can earn more income aside from your work.

The Law of Vibration
The law of vibration states that everything that exists in the universe
is but an energy vibrating at different frequencies. Whether physical
matter or the unseen (spirit, chi, etc.), everything is vibrating to a
certain pulse.
Following that paradigm, everything in existence is in the continuum
of energies and frequencies. One part there is the wealth frequency.

Deliberate Wealth Frequency Broadcasting
By training your mind to live in this frequency and charge it with
intensity and resonance, teaching the same to everyone in your
environment i.e. employees, business partners, even charging the
physical space you are in, you are increasing the probability of
attracting favorable conditions to wealth.
Initially, it may take a lot of conscious effort to get in that headspace
because that is not how we usually think, feel and see the world. With
the passing of time, it will feel more organic and time will come when
it becomes your baseline frequency or state.
By being able to tap into and resonate at that tone, you can create
more of that condition in your life.

In summary, it is about creating the right energies to magnetize assets
and creating a sustainable framework whereby assets and resources
can be kept organically in our space or sphere of influence where
these things are useful. Although existing in the realm of intangibles,
and cannot be measured with our earthy scientific devices, there is
nothing to lose by tapping into this reservoir of power available to all
of us!

developing the right attitudes, getting more focused on your life
passions will also help a lot towards improving your vibrations.
Generally, the happier you are, the more positive your vibrations are.

Vibrational Equilibrium
Being a vibrational being, your world is ruled by signals that you
release and receive. Over time, you will attain vibrational equilibrium,
which is characterized by the dominant signal that you send and

There are two methods of shifting from your current negative
equilibrium to another that’s more empowering. The first is changing
your signals in a way that will allow you to repel the signals from your
You can focus your mind and energies on your goals and your overall financial abundance strategy. This new focus which is incompatible with your present environment will
slowly change that environment since you will be attracting new
signals. You will be seeing and experiencing new things and

eventually your physical reality will align itself with your new


An effective technique of preventing your environment from
interfering with your efforts to change vibrations is through graphic
visualization of your goals for at least 20 minutes a day. Put strong
emotions into it and you will gradually notice that the signals you will
pick-up are those which reinforce your vibrations.
Another approach is to remove yourself physically or socially from
your present environment. You can do this by moving to a place
where the signals are different or you can stop seeing lazy and carefree

Here are some more tips for your financial abundance strategy:

Tip #1: Keep Your Focus Where It Matters
Do not think about what you DO NOT have, because if you do, you
will never have enough. This is a very fundamental tip that once kept
in mind, will significantly influence your life in a positive way.
Changing your focus and what you focus on will radically change your
If you focus on what you do not have, your mind and your soul will
keep on thinking that you are lacking something. On the other hand,
when you make a regular habit out of being grateful about what you
DO have, you will be able to train the positive energies around you to
give yourself what you want.

With this kind of mindset, you will be able to easily find solutions to your financial abundance strategy, as well as common and not so common problems in your life. You will be more open to positive responses and opportunities around you, making winning easier.

Tip # 2: Define Failure Differently
One of the things that limit people from achieving great things is their
fear of failure. We all feel this at a certain point of our lives. We are
afraid to fail and we are afraid to suffer the consequences of failure.

However, once you define failure in a more positive way, things will
change drastically for you, including your outlook on failing.
Do not believe in failure. Instead, define failure as an opportunity to
learn, to become better at that thing that you just did. Without failure,
we would never be who we are, and what we are. So instead of looking
at failure as a thing larger than you and that scares you, look at it as a
ladder up towards your goals. Teach your mind to redefine failure,
from being a dragging, negative thing, to an uplifting and positive
opportunity to become a more complete person.

Tip #3: You Are the Master of Yourself
Just who is your boss? No one else should be your boss, but YOU. It is
all up to you what you want to happen to your life. There is no one
else responsible of you but YOU. By acknowledging and accepting the
fact that there is no one else who can help you build your successful
future, you will become more mature and inspired to do better things
for yourself.
Harnessing the power of the universe and making it create what you
want for yourself will become easy from here onwards. As you
practice these tips every day, you will become more attuned to the
positive things that affect successful people around you. You will then

be able to tap into this power, and make it happen for you.

7 Key Steps for Creating a Financial Abundance Strategy
Planning is a process, one that requires time to create, complete, and
perfect. Take your time coming up with the best plan. Changes will be
more difficult and costlier to implement if you perform them after
plans have been finalized.
Step 1: Cash Flow Increase
The first goal that your plan should be focused on achieving is to
increase your cash flow. It may not mean more profit, income, or
sales, but it does mean having more financial flexibility. Another way
to increase your cash flow is to simply cut down costs.

With more
cash on hand, you also give yourself better leverage for resolving

sudden financial crises and taking advantage of money-making

Step 2: Healthcare and Insurance Investment
Health problems are one of the greatest sources of expenses so be
sure to save yourself from future headache by investing in healthcare
plans and insurance now. Speaking of insurance, it is also best to
insure most – or better yet all – that you have which is of value and
worth protecting. Consider investing in life insurance that has a
reasonably good payout as well.

Step 3: Debt Management and Elimination
It’s time to stop delaying the inevitable. Debts are rarely written off
nowadays. Most times, there is no escaping them so it’s best to buckle
down and figure out which debts are the most pressing and which
ones are worth another round of negotiation with its respective
creditors. Of course, this is not to say that debt is always a bad thing.
Debt can mean more cash inflow and being able to afford rare
investment opportunities. Just make sure that you borrow only what
you need or at least what you can manage to pay.

Step 4: Savings Increase
Surely, this needs no further explanation. Savings are probably the
surest way to safeguard your retirement and future in general. Just be
aware that savings can come in various forms; so choose wisely!

Step 5: Investments
Passive income is always essential in any plan for achieving financial
abundance. Investments are definitely one of the most lucrative
sources of passive income, but they can also be one of the riskiest. Be
sure to tread carefully when choosing which investment to entrust
your hard-earned money with.

Step 7: Estate Planning
Lastly, it is never too late to start planning what will happen to your
estate if for whatever reason you are not in the position to manage it.
Writing your own will and making sure it is air-tight and legal is
something you can do on your own, of course, but only if you are
willing to take the time to study all the ins and outs of estate
The steps above are clearly easier said than done, but will pave the
way to  financial abundance if you commit yourself to it.

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